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Image Credit: J-Walk Photography

Image Credit: J-Walk Photographt


About Monica; Owner, Shot by Mookie – Lakeland Photographer

I’ve always had a passion for photography and was able to put it to use on a daily basis as I shot promotional photos for the company I work at, A Premier Entertainment. As a lighting tech, I am always fascinated on how important lighting is to create a perfect feel for an event and always translated that for photography. It’s more than just “aim flash and shoot;” it’s also about using the light around you to make the photos feel more natural, as if one was actually there.

I’ve been blessed that through this venue, my photos have appeared in countless industry magazine covers, a book cover, and advertisements. No matter if I’m in Lakeland, or flown to New Jersey or Vegas, I’m always putting my best foot forward and looking for new opportunities.

So what can I bring to you? Well, my promise is that I put my all into my work. If you like what you see on the site, and you like me, then I know you’ll love the results. I’m not afraid to try new ideas, either. If you want to have a family portrait somewhere other than Lakeland or maybe in a very different area than most, I’m thrilled to try it out! I’ve had customers ask me to take photos with laser lights or family photos while they’re playing a sport, or DJs asking me to get photos of them in action. Pose or no pose, action or still, let’s have fun and capture you, your family, or even venue or artist in its true form!

Oh, and if you’re curious about the name, Mookie has been my nickname for years!

My phone number is at the top, or you can email me by clicking here.

Happy shooting!

Monica Offermann
Shot By Mookie


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