Family Portrait Photographer in Lakeland


love taking family photos around Lakeland…my family, well, not so much. We’re all familiar with this scenario: an important family milestone or holiday is coming and a good photo needs to be taken. The kids aren’t fond of having to look prim and proper and dad is always making goofy faces.  Including your furry one in the photo, too? Why not? They’re part of the family, too, but they’re more interested in chasing one of Lakeland’s many water fowl.

I’ve taken my personal experience with my own family and found a few ways to make the shoot more relaxing, natural, and just more fun. When I click that shutter, I want the true form of your family to be captured. Have you ever seen a photo and you say “this is so you!” That is what I aim for.

While I primarily do family portraits in Lakeland/ Polk County, I’ve also traveled to Tampa, Orlando, Wauchula, Sebring and other cities around Central Florida. Call me or email me by clicking here and we can discuss the perfect option for you!